1. The online divorce options are for unopposed divorces only.
  2. If any additional legal work needs to be done, you can contact us for a quote for such additional services.
  3. No fees will be refunded once the work has been attended to. If there has been partial work done, we reserve the right to charge administrative and banking costs should any refund be due.
  4. Once you have chosen an option and we have attended to the work, a different option can only be chosen if the full fee is paid for the different option.
  5. We have a turnaround time of 48 hours for the completion of the drafting of the documents, which time would commence once payment is received and all documents necessary for the drafting are received.
  6. No documents shall be amended or re-drafted if all necessary information was not provided to us from the outset. Any amendments shall attract an additional fee, which will be provided upon request.
  7. All the set tariffs includes a maximum of 5 e-mails or 5 whatsapp messages and 2 telephone calls. The client shall be billed on our standard attorney-and-client costs for any further e-mails and telephone calls sent or received.
  8. All documents will be provided in PDF format only.