Find out more about the different online divorce options that we offer


1. Divorce forms completion & step-by-step guidance

In order for you to divorce, you have to either receive a Divorce Summons or have a Divorce Summons issued and served on your spouse. This Divorce Summons includes your personal particulars and also what you may claim, for instance half a pension fund where the parties are married in community of property. It is essential that all the particulars and claims are given correctly prior to the granting of the divorce as a court will not lightly revisit a final order.

As this option is mostly a D.I.Y. Divorce, it would not include the issuing and service of the Summons. However, you will receive a step-by-step guide on what to do after you receive the drafted documents from us. This guide will include all the next steps from the moment you have the Summons until the time your divorce is heard in court.

2. Divorce forms completion, advice on what may be claimed, and consultation up to half an hour

A party may require more information on what they may claim, or even on what maintenance may be reasonable to claim. In this option we draft the Divorce Summons and offer a telephonic or skype consultations of up to a half-hour, alternatively e-mail correspondence of up to a half-hour. This would be for the discussion and explanation of any of the claims in the Divorce or on any alterations that you may require prior to the issuing of the Divorce Summons.

3. Divorce Summons Completion and Drafting of Settlement Agreement

This is where the parties have not only agreed to divorce, but have agreed on how their estate is to be divided (who is to get what) and also decided on the primary care of children and the reasonable contact of the child of the non-custodian parent. In this option, we attend to the correct drafting of the Settlement Agreement and the Divorce Summons and thereafter the parties can continue with the D.I.Y. procedure with our self-help guidelines.

4. Our full online divorce

This is where we represent one or both parties in negotiating a settlement agreement, or where we represent one party only in proceeding with a divorce.  This would include the situation where the other party is not in agreement with the divorce claims of our client and may wish to oppose the divorce.   It is a full divorce option which includes remote consultations (Microsoft Team or Zoom) and representation throughout the divorce procedure.   It is different to our full online divorce option in that this option is not limited to a divorce by agreement.

5. Full online divorce assistance

This is our option for those that do not want the bother of a D.I.Y. divorce, but want a divorce at an affordable rate. We do the drafting of the Divorce Summons, have it issued at court and served on your spouse by the Sheriff, and arrange for an attorney to be at court at the date of the divorce hearing. This option also includes the option of a telephonic or skype consultation, or e-mail communications, for up to an hour.


1. Providing the maintenance forms and assisting with completion

This option is also available for the general public for no charge at their nearest divorce court. That is, in principle. Often one has to wait an entire day in a long line just to see someone, who is not always very friendly or helpful. We offer you a convenient service with no standing in line and (hopefully) friendly service. Then you would only have to deliver the documents to the court and have them assign a court date.

2. Online advice and assistance

It has been our very many years of experience in family law matters, that one of the most pressing needs from the public is that of child maintenance support and advice. And as children are expensive, so are legal fees in maintenance matters. The cost of one consult to a family lawyer could go towards food and clothing towards your child. And whilst that may be true, there is of course the other side of the coin. Very often legal intervention in maintenance matters are essential, especially when dealing with a parent who does not want to put his or her child first.